It's been a long time since i wanna write 'bout this. Fat vs thin. I know it's a sensitive issue. Tapi post kali ni bukan untuk merendah-rendahkan orang 'terlebih saiz' & meninggikan taraf orang 'kurang saiz'. I just wanna share sumtin' that might be help people who wants to lose weight.

Talking 'bout body shape, i'm thin & skinny. & i'm not happy with it. I'm stress. I'm so fed up when everybody ask me to increase my weight, ask me to eat, eat & eat, give me some stupid suggestion like ask me to take some supplement or drink Weight Gain. Feel so stress when people called me 'si kurus kering', 'si papan', etc. Feel so down when people talk behind me but i heard it accidentally. Feel i want to scream & shout to them "WATCH YOUR OWN BODY FIRST!" & tell them to look at theirselves; perfect or not, pretty or ugly, have a body like Rain in Ninja Assassin or beautiful & sexy like Megan Fox. Feel so angry when people patronizing me, can't do this & that, juz because i'm thin.

I'm thin because of my genetic. It's no need to tell me to eat because I will eat anytime, as much as I want. I don't know why people talking 'bout my 'thinness', but they 're really want to lose their weight & be thin. So stupid.

For me, it doesn't really matter if you're thin, or fat. Being healthy is more important. I'll share some tips to stay healthy in my own way. It's not about diet or exercise. It's about doing sumtin' that you can do it by yourself, but you don't wanna do it. It's about doing the simple thing in your life that you can do it everyday if you want to but you never realize the benefits especially to your body. Perhaps it will help those who wants to lose weight. Just need to throw away the laziness inside you.

1. Do all the house work.
Keep your house spick-and-span by yourself.
Why not? Think about it. You're sweeping, moping, washing, etc. So many movement involves when you're doing all these thing.

2. Gardening.
It's fun!

3. Wash your car by yourself.
Enjoy it.

4. Eat slowly.
Don't eat greedily. Feel da good taste.

It's simple, right? It's you who gonna make your own choice.

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Carmelliny said...

lek ko pn stress skg nie..aiya..

fayneez said...

skrg ni blatih mo kes tjm2 mulut..sepa yg mengijik abis la dorg kna tikaman mulut..hehe