Today is my i said, c da previous entry i dont wanna mention 'bout it..even in my real life nor in my blog..but, sumtin' juz happenned & i want to tell u bout it..

I was very sad coz all da very important person in my life didn't wish me..i keep waiting till tonite & there is no sign of anybody of my family will wish me happy sad & i try to make myself happy..try not to think too much bout it..try to be positive & said "they're must be too bz till they dont remember my bday..".

But, it make me more, more & more sad..till my sister & i had a conversation & i told her wat i feel..suddenly my dad sms me & wish me..but i feel sumtin' wrong here..start to think my sister told my dad every single thing dat i told her..

& it's true..but she's not telling..she's asking, if they forgot my bday..& actually they never mom send a wish to me via sms but i dont know coz i switch off my dg hp..they wanna give me a surprise when i come back home dis friday..when i know it, im not smiling or crying..i feel so guilty..shame on me..

think badly 'bout them & i have no idea they wanna give me a bad i am..they don't wanna make me feel sad anymore & they wish me & tell me dat we'll have a dinner at kfc to celebrate it..i never think of it coz we have a financial problem now..i'm touched..

when this thing happened, i realize dat all i need is my is owez there for not alone..they make me feel alive even the other dont see me, or pretend like they never know me, or make every single thing dat will make me feel like i never existed..i luv my family soo do mYBiepo..all of u is a part of me..

i never need an expensive present..they dont have to give me a surprise ..all i want juz a wish & dat will make me very happy..i really appreciated what they trying to do for me..really2 apreciated..

& i wanna say tq to everybody..especially my family..tq for everything..& mYBiepo..tq coz spend ur tym wit me & i'm really happy being wit u..i luv u all soo my frenz, bobo, stan, camel, kipop, cikun, imran, megs & whoever did wish me but i dont write his/her name here..all of ur wishes make me smile..& i think the corners of my mouth spread till they were within a small distance of my ears right now..


~R~ said...

kasian sy baca..restrospect wat u did wrong to others and ask 4 their forgiveness..n pls dun try to make problem wif people dat u dun have any right to..ok..u may have some self-coflict.ive forgive wat u said..n hope u ask forgiveness for it.maybe u said it coz u have something to deliver in ur heart(kinda of envy or jealous i tot..)but then nevermind..its normal..wish u be happy.

Fayneez said...

haha..i dont know if i know u..but i know dat u dont know anything bout da conflict dat i had..& u main serkap jarang da victim & no need for me to ask forgiveness..i still have my famili, my bf, other frenz who give me their support.."ive forgive wat u said..& hope u ask forgiveness for it.."..silly thing..since i dont know who u r really is, y must i ask forgiveness from u, ~R~?envy or jealuos? not dat kind of person ok..kesimpulannya, ko mmg xknl sy & if i know i'm wrong, i'll ask forgiveness awal2 lg..xpyh pun kna srh..pa2 pun tq coz sudi singgah d blog sy & wish me happy..

Fayneez said...

oya..utk pengetahuan suma, entry ni ditulis utk melahirkan penghargaan kpd my family..juz secebis rs utk diluah & bw suma bfikir betapa pentingnya family..walau apapun yg tjadi dlm sesebuah family 2, family jg la yg kt ada tym kt x diperlukan org jg la yg paling ikhlas utk bkawan dgn kita..kt ssh atau sng dorg sentiasa ada..entry ni x ditulis utk meng'highlite'kan conflict yg i hadapi..bkn sumtin' yg bkaitan dgn problem, slh atau x, kemaafan & seumpamanya..i wanna highlite MY highlite org yg sentiasa ada dgn i..mYBiepo & my frenz..& betapa saya mhargai dorg..i think penjelasan ni da nyata, jls lg terang bg org yg akan slh fhm & bprasangka buruk..